The Legislated Ruqyah Between Revelation & Implemenation by Shaykh falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar

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Shaykh falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar
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The Legislated Ruqyah Between Revelation & Implemenation by Shaykh falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar
ISBN: 9798350711561
Author: Shaykh falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar
Book Binding: Paperback
Publication Year: 2024
Pages: 112
Size: 6x 0.2 x 9 in
Publisher: Authentic Statements
Translator: Rasheed Barbee
About This Book:
In “The Legislated Ruqyah Between Revelation and Implementation”, Shaykh Falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar takes into consideration all aspects of the Islamic form of Ruqyah which is the unlawful method of healing through Qur’anic recitations coupled with supplications. As a concept, Ruqyah has been in existence since medieval age and it has not lost its relevance as form of spirituality and healthy to the Islamic world. To my satisfaction, Shaykh Falah Ibn Ismail Mandakar, a leading figure in the world of Islamic scholars, specifically examines the correlation between the sacred scriptural texts of the Qur’an and the physical application of the recitation therapy known as Ruqyah in the contemporary era. Therefore, this book is dedicated to explain to the opens which is the right way of Ruqyah, its origin and application base on the Islamic Law.
The Foundations of Ruqyah: Revelation and Practice: 
Ruqyah is part of the Islamic practice that entails recitation from the Holy Qur’an and supplications passed across by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to overcome aches and diseases. Dr. Shoayb Falah bin Ismail Mandakar precisely expounds the history of Ruqyah with regard to practice as it was initiated by Prophet Muhammad through his revelations. The book underscores strict compliance with the Qur’anic principles of Ruqyah and the Sunnah, practices of Prophet Muhammad, in order to have a proper and effective form of Ruqyah.
Practical Implementation of Ruqyah:
Such guidelines are too comprehensive as they include all the details of performing Ruqyah down to the procedures of treating particular diseases and ailments. Picking advice from Shaykh Falah on how to employ the tool known as Ruqyah does not only mean that one should keep it around in one’s everyday life like food people consume, but rather, it has to be used frequently as part of the nurturing process people hope to receive. To support his explanation, he presents many and varied cases and examples of how Ruqyah can be effectively done and implemented, based on his practice and work.

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