The Muslim’s Path To Salvation From Fitan by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rajihi

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Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rajihi
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The Muslim’s Path To Salvation From Fitan by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rajihi
ISBN: 9798894437064
Author: Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ar-Rajihi
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 64
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Publisher: Al-Ihsan Publications
About This Book:
“The Muslim’s Path to Salvation from Fitan” is a scholarly and uplifting work explicitly drawn to guide the Muslim community through the numerous tests and tribulations that the community is bound to encounter. The present book offers a whole-discipline study on the socio-rhetorical phenomenon of “fitan”, that means trials, temptations, and some forms of crises in the Islamic tradition, ones that push people to make their faith a condition of a powerful unity. The author who has both scholarly and legal background weaves valuable information and application of the teachings of Islam to reinforce the faith of the Muslims and to encourage them to remain steadfast and on the right path.
Fitan are presented in the book in different forms – internal and external fitan, fitan related to chains in the society, and fitan in the context of the global world; all of those aspects give the readers comprehensive information on how to fight against the traps of life. By employing the legitimacy of the Quran and Hadith, and utilizing examples of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as well as his companions the readers come out with secrets of patience, perseverance, and reliance upon Allah.While I recommend that a Muslim should read.
“The Muslim’s Path to Salvation From Fitan”, anybody who is interested in learning the truth which helps to build character in the contemporary society and use the knowledge of the Islamic teachings to overcome any difficulties, should definitely read this book. It is a source of light in the dark – to engage the reader and challenge them to remain strong in their convictions to conquer every obstacle.

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