The Noble Quran with Nepali Translation by Darussalam

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Translated by:
Taher Ali Ansari
Hard Cover
8.5 x 6 x 2.2
Darussalam Publications
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The Noble Quran with Nepali Translation by Darussalam Translated by Taher Ali Ansari
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 1151
Size: 8.5 x 6 x 2.2
About This Book:
"The Noble Quran with Nepali Translation by Darussalam" is an important and approachable edition of the Quran, meant to make the Quranic text and message available to Nepali-speaking people. This book combines the original Arabic text of the Quran with an accurate translation into Nepali, allowing a wider audience to connect with Islam's sacred teachings.
The following are some of the highlights of "The Noble Quran with Nepali Translation":
Faithful Translation:
The book provides a faithful translation of the Quranic text from its original Arabic into Nepali. This translation strives to present the Quran's meanings and teachings in a straightforward and accurate manner, making it accessible to Nepali-speaking Muslims and anyone interested in learning about Islam.
Clear Arabic Script:
The Quran's Arabic script is presented clearly, allowing readers to easily follow along with the original text. The design makes the Arabic text legible and well-formatted.
Translation Notes:
To help with comprehension, the book may provide translation notes or explanations for specific verses, providing context and clarity where necessary.
Universal Relevance:
While the Quran is written for Nepali-speaking readers, its message transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. Its teachings are universal and may speak to people from all walks of life.
Spiritual direction:
Muslims see the Quran as the highest source of spiritual direction. This rendition makes the profound knowledge and advice contained within the Quranic verses available to Nepali-speaking audiences.

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