Those Who Backbite and Slander By Shazia Nazlee

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Shazia Nazlee
9.3 x 6.5 inch
Publication Year:
Darussalam Publications
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Those Who Backbite and Slander By Shazia Nazlee
ISBN: 9789960971520
Author: Shazia Nazlee
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 23
Size: 9.3 x 6.5 inch
Publication Year: 2006
About This Book:
Shazia Nazlee's book "Those Who Backbite and Slander" is a thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening look at the detrimental practices of backbiting and slander in Islam. Shazia Nazlee offers readers valuable insights into the negative consequences of these actions and provides guidance on how to avoid them, fostering a culture of respect, kindness, and ethical communication within the Muslim community. She has a deep understanding of the Quranic teachings and Hadith (Prophetic traditions).
Key characteristics include:
Islamic Ethical Values:
The book's investigation of backbiting and slander is solidly rooted in Islamic ethics and principles. It emphasizes the significance of truthfulness, integrity, and accountability in speech and behavior.
Spiritual Awareness:
Shazia Nazlee investigates the spiritual implications of backbiting and slander, emphasizing how these activities can harm one's own soul and disturb one's relationship with Allah. The significance of repentance and asking forgiveness is emphasized throughout the text.
Practical Advice:
The book provides guidance on detecting and preventing backbiting and slander. It gives readers tools for cultivating a culture of constructive and compassionate communication in their communities.
Consequences and Reminders:
"Those Who Backbite and Slander" inform readers of the serious repercussions of these acts in this world and the Hereafter. It promotes introspection and accountability.
Community Harmony:
The book advocates the notion that a community founded on trust, respect, and ethical behavior is more powerful and harmonious. It inspires readers to make a constructive contribution to their communities.
Interfaith Relevance:
While the book is based on Islamic teachings, the insights on the necessity of ethical communication are applicable to people of all faiths and backgrounds.
Authoritative Source:
Shazia Nazlee is a distinguished Islamic scholar noted for her devotion to disseminating Islamic principles. Her authoritative leadership maintains the content's authenticity and dependability.

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