Adam Father of Humanity By Muhammad Al-Jibaly

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Muhammad Al-Jibaly
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Adam Father of Humanity By Muhammad Al-Jibaly
ISBN: 9781891229428
Author: Muhammad Al-Jibaly
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 190
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication: 2009
About This Book:
Muhammad Al-Jibaly's "Adam: Father of Humanity" is a thorough and thought-provoking analysis of the life and significance of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) in Islamic tradition. Al-Jibaly dives into Adam's complex historical and spiritual context, providing readers with a complete and enlightening view of this key person in both Islamic and Abrahamic tales.
Historical Context: 
This book meticulously examines Adam's tale, situating it within the historical and theological framework of Islamic tradition. Readers obtain a better knowledge of Adam's life events and situations.
Spiritual Insights: 
Al-Jibaly's work is more than just a historical record. It provides significant spiritual insights regarding Adam's creation, his relationship with Allah, and his role as the father of humanity. The story has spiritual depth, providing it a source of motivation for anyone looking to deepen their religion.
Authentic Sources: 
To ensure that the material offered is solidly established in Islamic tradition, the author draws on the Quran, Hadith, and the teachings of Islamic scholars. This method improves the content's trustworthiness and authenticity.
Relevance and Application: 
While the book analyzes historical events, it also emphasizes Adam's story's relevance in modern times. It urges readers to learn from his life and apply what they've learned to their own spiritual journeys.
Universal Appeal:
"Adam: Father of Humanity" is not just for Muslims; it also provides vital insights for people of all backgrounds who are interested in the Abrahamic faiths, making it a bridge for interfaith understanding.

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