Conquests of the Sahabah (2 Volume Set) By Al-Imam al-Waqidi

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Al-Imam al-Waqidi
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Conquests of the Sahabah (2 Volume Set) By Al-Imam al-Waqidi 
ISBN: 9789695830758
Author: Al-Imam al-Waqidi
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 1016
Publication Year: 2011
About This Book:
The tremendous and precious two-volume series "Conquests of the Sahabah (2 Volume Set)" by the well-known Islamic antiquarian Al-Imam al-Waqidi cautiously records the shocking journeys, courageous deeds, and triumphs of the Sahabah — the esteemed companions of the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive). These books give a complete outline of early Islamic development and the imperative pretended by the Sahabah in scattering Islam's message across the world.
Key Attributes include:
Historical Authority:
Al-Imam al-Waqidi, a notable Islamic researcher and student of history, is noted for his meticulous review and thorough grant. His work in "Victories of the Sahabah" is viewed as perhaps one of the most credible experts on Islam's initial history.
Comprehensive Coverage:
This two-volume series gives a far-reaching and comprehensive record of the tactical tasks, undertakings, and successes achieved by the Sahabah during the Prophet Muhammad's lifetime and in the years that followed. It gives a nitty gritty outline of Islam's development at that imperative period.
Biographical Insights:
"Successes of the Sahabah" incorporates true-to-life portrayals of outstanding Sahabah who assumed basic parts in these victories, assisting perusers with having a superior comprehension of their achievements and penances.
Military Strategies:
The book dives into the Sahabah's tactical strategies, initiative attributes, and the examples that might be drawn from their conflicts, making it critical to Islamic history as well as to the investigation of military history.
Rich Narrative:
Al-Imam al-Waqidi's story approach rejuvenates verifiable occasions, submerging perusers in the Sahabah's hardships, triumphs, and issues in laying out and safeguarding the youthful Islamic state.

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