Iman: An Everlasting Gift for the Believers

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Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymin
9.0 x 6.0 x 0.4 inch
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Tamyeez Publications
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Iman: An Everlasting Gift for the Believers
ISBN: 9798878411400
Author: Muhammad ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymin 
Binding: Paperback
Size: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.4 inch
Publication Year: 2024
Language: English/Arabic
Publisher: Tamyeez Publications
About This Book:
Each believer must hold on to the inner core of his iman, which is none other than the complete trust in God through the all difficulties of life. Within the framework of Islamic tradition, "Iman: This literary piece, "A Gift for the Believers: that Ends at the Fire," begins on a journey to uncover the secrets of the gift of paradise. This extraordinary book is a journey of self-exploration coupled with spiritual enlightenment as the author imparts timeless wisdom and meaningful teachings aimed at holistically bettering the reader.
Examining the True Nature of Iman:
Being aware with the concept of faith I cannot be a pure good person. The concept of faith or Iman is so rooted in Islamic theology that it can be viewed as the very foundation of Islam. This section takes a look at how Iman comes to tell us about its nature such as its reasoning, translation, and reflections in our hearts. The faithful can testify and the faithful cannot question the transforming power of faith in individuals and communities through scholarly interpretations, or simply reading, of sacred texts.
Dissecting the Iman Pillars
Imān represents the core ideas that dicuss the believers' way of thinking toward the Allah as it is set out in the Islamic sacred theology. In this chapter, which is called the "Foundations of Iman," the following elements of Iman are explained: faith in the oneness of the Creator, in His angels, in His written word, in His messengers, and in the unseen realm, the Day of Judgment, and in accepting the will of God for everything that happens in life. In this chapter, the readers are invited to ponder over their spiritual life and lives, how their behavior can affect the nature of their relationship with God, and the direction their lives take, another way is through prayer and mediation.

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