Islam in Andalus By Ahmad Thomson

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Ahmad Thomson
8.3 x 11.7 inches
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Islam in Andalus By Ahmad Thomson
ISBN: 9781897940525
Author: Ahmad Thomson
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 282
Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
About This Book:
Ahmad Thomson's "Islam in Andalus" is a riveting investigation of the rich and dynamic history of Islamic civilization in the Iberian Peninsula, often known as Al-Andalus. Ahmad Thomson, an outstanding author and Islamic historian, digs into the cultural, intellectual, and social tapestry that marked Muslim dominance in Andalusia for centuries in this interesting book.
Andalusian Golden Age: 
Ahmad Thomson begins by immersing readers in the Andalusian Golden Age, a time of remarkable achievements in science, literature, philosophy, and architecture. The author provides a vivid image of a society that thrived on Islamic governance principles, cultivating a climate of tolerance and intellectual interaction.
Islamic Governance and Justice: 
The system of Islamic governance that flourished in Andalusia is one of the primary subjects discussed in the book. Ahmad Thomson offers a detailed examination of the just and enlightened rule that characterized the Muslim government during this period, focusing on the cohabitation of multiple populations and the safeguarding of individual rights.
Cultural Synthesis:
"Islam in Andalus" investigates the unique cultural synthesis that resulted from the interplay of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish traditions in Al-Andalus. The author emphasizes how this peaceful coexistence fostered the flowering of art, literature, and scholarship, resulting in the formation of a distinct Andalusian identity that left an everlasting effect on European history.
Scientific breakthroughs:
Ahmad Thomson takes viewers on a fascinating trip through Andalusian experts' scientific breakthroughs. The book highlights the essential role played by Andalusian minds in preserving and advancing knowledge throughout a critical moment in human history, from the translation movement to major discoveries in medicine, astronomy, and mathematics.

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